What We’re Reading August 30, 2014

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Trending: Why Jews and Christians Can’t Pray on the Temple Mount… but Muslims Can

What if President Obama’s foreign policy vision doesn’t actually exist?

President Obama seems to think that if liberals want something bad enough then the Constitution must allow him to ram it through. That just isn’t the case…

President Obama’s nebulous foreign policy has added fuel to the fire that is Russia’s aggression in Europe. Ukraine may not be long for this world. Putin also implied in a recent question and answer session at an All-Russian youth forum that Kazakhstan was in trouble too.

VICE asks the question – Is poverty (slum) tourism really all that bad? (Like the Emoya Hotel and Spa below.)

Is life in the West too boring?

National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke was on board, too, in a post titled Sadly, totalitarianism is exciting.” “One reason that liberty can be difficult to preserve is that it so often lacks the romance, the heroism, and the sense of involvement that so many appear to crave,” Cooke wrote.

The only liberal that I will ever admit to enjoying, Camille Paglia, has written a loving ode to Joan Rivers.

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