What We’re Reading August 26, 2014

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Public Opinion has turned against the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri and has begun to soften towards the police.



In St. Louis on Sunday a group of about 60 people gathered to offer support for Officer Darren Wilson.

President Obama’s response to the international events that have wreaked havoc on our world in recent days have everyone wondering what his international policy really is. “He thought he could change the tenor more easily than he could, and I think he thought the world would be more responsive to his desires than the world has proven to be,” said Jon B. Alterman, senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Now he faces the criticism that, whereas the Bush administration embarked on a war of choice in Iraq, he embarks on a series of skirmishes that are reactive and not of his choosing.”

Can (and should) an American led coalition of nations actually defeat ISIS? If they can, now may be the time… as “moderate” rebel forces in Syria are starting to gain ground while ISIS focuses their violence in Iraq.

Let’s talk a little about hypocrisy. Mexico has deported 93% of the unaccompanied minors that they’ve caught crossing their southern border!

How sad is this? Burger King is considering leaving the US for Canada… because of high taxes! What has happened to us?

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