What We’re Reading August 25, 2014

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Islamic extremism is being fed by the supposedly pro-Western, pro-humanity Saudi Arabia. If we want to stop the extremists then Saudi Arabia must stop supporting them.

The British ISIS terrorist who murdered James Foley may soon be “unmasked.” However, Britain has a lot of soul searching to do, as there are many British terrorists who must be dealt with.

The left is in disarray, and their response to Iraq and Ferguson is simply more proof of that fact.

Texas Democrats may have miscalculated when they chose to persecute Governor Rick Perry for his more than reasonable decision to demand the resignation of a disgraced District Attorney. His indictment may actually do more to help than hurt his 2016 Presidential hopes.

Former Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) has raised some eyebrows with a recent trip to Iowa. “I decided that it was time to come back in and really rejoin the debate,” Webb said Friday, according to Radio Iowa. “We’re in a transitional period in the country, and, you know, we need to have a strong debate inside the Democratic Party and between the two parties on where the country needs to go.”

The police are busy watching the people… but who’s watching the police?

A “climate swerve” seems to be taking place among the American people… what happens next is anyone’s guess.

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