What We’re Reading August 13, 2014

What We’re Reading August 13, 2014

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So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Wednesday August 13, 2014.

Liberal author Jelani Cobb argues that we conservatives are inherently racist and therefore likely to never attract African-American voters. While over at the Weekly Standard Whitney Blake disputes the article by pointing out that Republicans have already made in-roads with the African-American community in recent elections – specifically young African-American males.

While the GOP establishment may not believe it… immigration reform is NOT the key to winning the Latino vote.

Why do conservatives argue with each other over how we make our arguments? For some people your brand of explanation may not work… but for others it might. And vice versa, lets stop fighting over silly things.

Uh-oh. Legal experts are saying that President Obama is once again walking a fine constitutional line with his recent decision to use air strikes in Iraq.

While some liberals can’t believe it – there are more than a few pro-lifers who really do believe that abortion is murder. We just don’t have any legal recourse to save the lives of the murdered children… and any “extreme” action we take or even speak of gets us painted as “Extremists.”

The immortal Robin Williams playing the immortal William F. Buckley. Have we said “immortal?”

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