Read the Sign Posted in School Halls That’s Gone Viral on the Internet

A recent move by a small-town school is making some big waves across the planet.

Apparently, employees and officials at the school were tired of being blamed for all of the negative behaviors their students were displaying. They had also had enough of being told that if only they would do their jobs better, perhaps the children today would behave more appropriately and have more success in their academic pursuits. Thankfully, someone at the school understands how the world really works and has decided to no longer take the attacks lying down.

Here’s the sign that the school posted in their halls and soon went viral on the Internet:


Dear parents

  • We would like to remind you that magic words such as hello, please, you’re welcome, I’m sorry, and thank you, all begin to be learned at home
  • It’s also at home that children learn to be honest, to be on time, diligent, show friends their sympathy, as well as show utmost respect for their elders and all teachers.
  • Home is where they learn to be clean, not talk with their mouths full, and how/where to properly dispose of garbage.
  • Home is also where they learn to be organized, to take good care of their belongings, and that it’s not ok to touch others.
  • Here at school, on the other hand, we teach language, math, history, geography, physics, sciences, and physical education. We only reinforce the education that children receive at home from their parents.

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How perfect is this sign? The school is 100% correct and this is where the disconnect in our society lies, isn’t it? Liberals (and bad parents) want the schools to be the place where children are taught everything; from the three Rs (reading, writing, and a-rithmetic) to how to behave as a member of modern society. The problem is that this has never before been the job of education in America or in Western Culture. The job of training children has always fallen to the parents and the family, and only in recent years as liberal culture has begun to suffocate traditional western culture have we seen the push to have schools pick up the slack.

This cannot continue. If we want a reawakening in Western Culture and civilized society, then our families must once again assume the proper role in rearing our children. Only then can we right this sinking ship of cultural malaise and societal collapse.

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