Read the Now-Deleted Article That Got This Huff Post Writer BANNED for Life…Hint: It Has to do With Hillary’s Health [VIDEO]

In addition to this contributor’s articles on Hillary’s health being deleted from the website, he has also been barred from ever posting anything to the Huffington Post ever again.

David Seaman is a political commentator and pundit, having contributed to publications such as Business Insider and more recently Huffington Post. According to his bio, he’s been a guest on a litany of news programs including “CNN Headline News, BBC World Service, FOX News, ABC News Digital, Coast to Coast, RT America, Young Turks, and elsewhere.”

Over the weekend, Seaman posted a couple articles relating to Hillary’s health. One was entitled, “Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton to Health Records Duel.” The other: “Hillary Clinton’s Health is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens).”

In the latter article (which can be viewed and read here, even though it’s been deleted from the site), Seaman linked to a viral video on the health – or lack thereof – of the Democratic nominee. The video was a compilation of images and observations that made the case that Hillary Clinton not only has very serious health problems which render her unfit to be president, but also that there is an attempted cover-up by the media at large.

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Within hours of Seaman’s posting, Huff Po editors deleted the offensive articles and revoked his publishing rights, despite the article trending at number three on the site.

In his video about the ban, he notifies readers – just in case – that he is not depressed nor suicidal. “So, if I am to ‘slip in the shower’ over the next couple of days – or something silly like that – we have to really employ probability and statistics here, because I’m not a clumsy person, and I’m also not a depressed person,” he said, not ruling out the possibility of being attacked for exposing the Huff Po. “I am a person who’s spooked out though.”

Warning: Language

The issue of Hillary’s health has been designated by her loyal supporters as a “conspiracy theory.” Recently, just days after analyzing Hillary’s positive doctor’s note, Dr. Drew got his HLN show canceled. In spite of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the show’s cancellation, an insider claims that the decision had nothing to do with the doctor’s comments on Hillary’s health. The decision had been made several weeks prior to his controversial remarks.

Perhaps the Huff Po will say the same thing about David Seaman.

Here’s the video that Seaman linked to in his article that probably got him banned for life:


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