Read the LEAKED Draft of Trump’s Acceptance Speech!

Sitting in press box #120 as the delegates began to file into the Quicken Loans Arena there seemed to be an aura of both anticipation and dread. This was the night they will hear from the candidate they chose to be the next POTUS.  But they were fully aware that they won’t be the only ones watching, and that the election can be won or lost in the next few hours.

Tonight the entire country will be watching to see Donald Trump will present his vision for the future of the country. This isn’t the time to be the “take no prisoners, attack everyone, version of Donald Trump.

Never again during the campaign will he have the giant audience he will have tonight. This is the time for Donald Trump to act presidential. The first three days of speakers, told people all about about Hillary Clinton’s failings. There is no need for that tonight. His goal for tonight must be to convince people that his vision for America is the correct one. It’s more than unifying the party…it’s growing the party beyond the his present supporters.

The country will be watching closely, as will I. After reading the speech below, depending on his delivery (and ad-libs), I think this speech may do the job…it seems presidential,explains what needs fixing, and doesn’t call people names.

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Read the full text below, obviously it may change before delivery…

Click here to read the full speech at The Lid

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