“Rape Culture” vs. ACTUAL Rape

The brilliant and funny Steven Crowder has a new video up this week decrying the awful way our media driven culture has diminished the horror and evil of rape. These are often waters that conservatives are derided for wading into, but the only way that common sense and logic can be introduced to the conversation is if conservatives like Crowder get involved. We must offer sanity in the current conversation, or liberal crazies will start making rules that will simply make no sense.

For example

“California has become the first US state to require students on state-funded campuses to have clear, active consent before all sexual activity.”

Now from Steven Crowder

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“Rape Culture.”  It’s a term thrown around so flippantly today that it’s lost all meaning. Rape is a life-shattering crime that deserves the worst possible punishment available. So if we can all agree on that, can we also all agree that throwing every regrettable decision and HR infraction into the same “rape” pot may be demeaning to… you know, rape victims?

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