Rape Culture Hysteria Versus Sheriffs Deputy

The First Amendment doesn’t exist under rape culture hysteria, because words and argument are considered violence.

We have heard about rape culture hysteria on college campuses but this incident happened off campus in central Oklahoma. This basically tells us that when the First Amendment meets extremist feminist ideology, the First Amendment is a dead letter.

According to KFOR Channel Four News in Oklahoma City, Volunteer Sherriff’s Deputy Stephen Teel had the temerity to express an opinion about an “educational” graphic.

The graphic’s purpose is to start conversations about how certain attitudes and actions reinforce or excuse others, which can lead to violence, such as rape, murder or molestation.

Here’s the graphic:

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Teel wrote:

“I think ‘unequal pay’ leading to rape is a little bit of a stretch!! And what the hell is a ‘rape joke’? (sic) I don’t think I have ever heard one.”

According to KFOR, Teel was suspended. According to the video below, and according to his Facebook profile, he is no longer a deputy.


Victim advocates point to the fact that rapes and sexual assaults are grossly underreported in the United States. And when a person in a position of power — especially law enforcement — appears to make light of those assaults, it can exacerbate the problem even further.

“It’s not just ‘one thing’ that plays into what rape culture is,” said Karla Docter, a sexual violence prevention and response director with the YWCA of Oklahoma City.

By normalizing certain incidents, like rape jokes, unequal pay, or victim blaming, Docter said it can lead to excusing other actions that can lead to assaults — or worse.

But Teel didn’t make light of assaults. He made light of the vicious, guilt-by-association smear campaign and did so without rancor. By getting Teel removed on these grounds, these people prove that they are ready, willing, and able to perpetrate the abuses that the graphic encourages. Because Teel made light of unequal pay they accused him of making light of rapes that women have suffered.

That is definitely defamation.

Furthermore, the fact that Teel doesn’t think rape is funny, and thus has never told or allowed anyone to tell him a “rape joke,” he somehow is “normalizing… rape jokes.”

By the way, all this started with a graphic that claimed its purpose was to “start a conversation.” That was obviously a lie. They want people to shut up and comply.

These rape lunatics should not have power! Why is government and the media giving it to them?

Read the entire KFOR story.

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