Rand Paul Wins the Internet with his #Festivus Tweets!


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has had a tough time getting any traction as a candidate for President. However, for all of the trouble he’s had, none of it has been because of the Internet wing of his campaign. No, his online campaign has done a great job in spreading the Senator’s message and winning fans to his cause… but it can only do so much. On Wednesday Dec. 23rd, Paul’s Internet geniuses may have had their best moment yet when they rolled out their #Festivus tweets and “aired their grievances” with their fellow presidential candidates. (For those who are unaware Festivus is a holiday invented on the Seinfeld TV show and one of the interesting aspects of Festivus was the airing of grievances.)

The airing of Grievances:

A fuller explanation:

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So it is into this amazing (and very fake) holiday that Senator Paul stepped into the Festivus spirit by airing his very own grievances on Twitter.


Senator Paul and his campaign team once again prove that they have the best sense of humor among the candidates – they’ve also demonstrated that they’ve got the best command of Internet campaigning. After his presidential grievances, Senator Paul moved on to other more salient grievances about big government. But we’ll let you check those out for yourselves on his Twitter page.

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