Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubin on Opening Relations with Cuba

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was on the Tom Roten Morning Show Thursday when the conversation turned towards the President’s decision to open relations with Cuba. Unlike many of his conservative comrades, Senator Paul has a different take on Cuba that may surprise Republicans. Due in large part to his libertarian leanings, Senator Paul happens to believe that we should open relations with Cuba.

I’ve come to believe, and many conservatives have come to believe, that trading with China is the best way to actually, ultimately defeat Communism, and it makes us less likely to fight. The 50 year embargo with Cuba just hasn’t worked…

Senator Paul argues that by opening up relations with Cuba we may put ourselves in a better position to help Cuba turn the corner and leave communism and despotism behind.

The 50 year embargo with Cuba just hasn’t worked, I mean, if the goal was regime change, sure doesn’t seem to be working, and probably, it punishes the people more than the regime, cause the regime can blame the embargo for hardship. And if there’s open trade, I think the people will see what it’s like to–all the things that we produce under capitalism, so, in the end I think probably opening up Cuba is a good idea.

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I hope Senator Paul is right! But Marco Rubio (R-FL) isn’t so sure… in fact, Rubio says that Rand Paul “doesn’t know what he is talking about”!

Like many people that have been opinion he has no idea what he’s talking about,” Rubio said.

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