Rand Paul says He’s “Right in Line with the Founders” on Government Surveillance

GOP Presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was on CBS’s This Morning on Monday defending his part in making sure that the PATRIOT Act did not get reauthorized last week. The Senate moved to bring the question up for debate last week but was stopped at every attempt – the stall tactic may succeed in stopping the PATRIOT Act altogether but that is still to be seen.

Senator Paul has been unapologetic in his drive to make sure that certain provisions in the PATRIOT Act be discarded altogether, and he shows no sign of changing his tune.

“I’m right in line with what the founders would have fought for and I am proud of the fight,” the Senator said on CBS This Morning. “The Constitution is inconvenient, but the thing is, we obey the Constitution because it protects the rights of all individuals.”

“I think sometimes my party gets all caught up on the Second Amendment, which is fine, but we don’t protect the Fourth Amendment enough.” 

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I, for one, have a difficult time understanding why anyone in Congress argues with Paul over this matter. The Constitution clearly says that general warrants (which were hated by our Founders) are illegal and that authorities must request specific warrants during an investigation. This does make things more difficult for the authorities, but it works to safeguard the liberty of the innocent mass of Americans. There must be a way for the government to fight terrorism without compromising the Bill of Rights or the Constitution… otherwise, what is the point of even having the Bill of Rights?

I empathize with security first politicians who want to make sure that no Americans are hurt or killed on their watch, but do they want to be known as the generation of Americans who brought about an end to our Constitutional liberties?

The NSA can redirect their efforts domestically to known terrorist sympathizers (with specific warrants) and oversees to suspected criminals, terrorists, and terrorist sympathizers. It will turn up less information, but that’s probably a good thing, as the vast majority of information the government takes in now is the useless private information of innocent American citizens. Fighting terrorism is important, but so is defending the reason we fight – our liberty.

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