Rand Paul says I ‘Heard a Lot about Free Stuff – but Not how He’s Going to Pay For It’

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was a guest on Fox News’ The Kelly File shortly after President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address. They had a lively discussion at the ridiculousness that was the 2015 SOTU, but Senator Paul noticed one glaring problem with all of the “goodies” that President Obama was promising… there was no mention of how to pay for them!

I heard a lot about free stuff but I didn’t hear much about how he’s going to pay for it or the consequences to pay for it. One way to pay for it is through debt. He’s also bragging that he’s reducing the deficit as a greater than any other president before him. But the interesting thing is that he’s going to add more debt to our country than all previous 43 presidents combined so you got to wonder about the guy’s sincerity. This is a guy that can only spin that he’d won the election of those who didn’t vote. That is what I heard, a lack of sincerity.

Kudos to Megyn Kelly as well, being willing to notice the “class warfare” rhetoric in President Obama’s speech and the demeaning way he deals with Republicans in general. The President can talk about bipartisanship all day long, but the real substance appears when the “rubber meets the road” – specifically, how is the President dealing with Republicans? In his speech he promised to veto at least 4 different things that Republicans are pursuing – including some bipartisan measures (the Keystone XL Pipeline for example has some Democrat support).

The truth is that President Obama only cares about bipartisanship on issues that he wants to see addressed… not on things he disagrees or disapproves with.

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Oh, and about his stupid “Middle class economics” line – I agree with John Stossel. It’s a meaningless phrase that the President’s speechwriters think sounds nice.


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