Rand Paul Rips Big Government Republicans’ ‘Obamacare Lite’ Bill [VIDEO]

Ever since Obamacare became a reality, I’ve always held that it needed to be repealed but not replaced. In other words, it doesn’t need to be replaced with GOP-branded taxes, regulations, mandates, subsidies, and bailouts. Nothing would change except the name.

However, one type of ‘replacement’ I could agree with is a bill that further removes government intervention into the marketplace. If that’s what conservatives by repeal and replace, then I’d be all for it.

But the GOP leadership’s current replacement bill is really not replacing anything but the name. As Senator [score]Rand Paul[/score] explained on Morning Joe, ‘Obamacare Lite’ “keeps subsidies, keeps taxes, actually keeps an individual mandate, and bails out the insurance companies.” No wonder conservatives don’t like it. That’s not an improvement. We don’t want more of the same. We want to drain the swamp, right?

Senator Paul explained that what he has proposed will “legalize freedom and competition.”

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“We would get rid of all the mandates, so inexpensive insurance can be sold,” he said. “We would allow health savings accounts to expand – every Republican agrees with that.” According to the Kentucky Senator, his proposal does something that “nobody else is talking about in any of these bills”:  “We let individuals join a group or join in an association to get a cheaper price and guaranteed issue through the marketplace, not through mandate.”

President Trump tweeted that he was sure Paul would come around to support the big government Republicans’ legislation.

Yes, Obamacare is a disaster. But it doesn’t need to be replaced with a ‘Republican’ disaster.

Paul is confident that Obamacare lite doesn’t have enough support in the House for it to pass. I hope he’s right.

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