Rand Paul Reacts to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Announcement!

On Sunday Hillary Clinton announced her intention to run for President in 2016, and within minutes the Rand Paul team had produced a response that presented a brilliant anti-Hillary argument. Clinton has been an almost continual failure during her public career, and at times those failures have produced remarkably destructive results. Clinton has been almost constantly embroiled in scandals and cronyism and has never been able to shed the stink of corruption from her work. Electing Hillary Clinton President would simply be encouraging more lawlessness from our Executive Branch and endorsing the disgusting culture of corruption that the Clinton family has come to embody. Hillary represents the very worst of our past, and it’s time for us to move on…


A Hillary Clinton presidency would be a disaster.

But I’m worried that her friends in the media won’t tell the whole story.

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Her failure of leadership in Benghazi.. Her use of a private email server… Her acceptance of funds from foreign governments…

I believe that these scandals disqualify Hillary from holding higher office — and voters across America deserve to know the truth.

That is why I’ve asked my staff to begin running my brand new ad in key primary states right away.

I need your help to get them on the air. Please chip in right away to push my “Stand With Rand: Defeat Hillary” Money Bomb over $2 million: https://secure.randpaul.com/?defeathillaryvideo&sr=412fb2


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