Rand Paul: Obamacare Lite Continues to ‘Kiss the Boots of the Insurance Executives’ [VIDEO]

Senator [score]Rand Paul[/score] (R-KY) criticized the GOP leadership’s bill, saying that it’s been crafted the way it is – essentially a lighter version of Obamacare – because they’re afraid of the Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth McDonough. His solution was to use vice president Mike Pence. “We’ve read the rules, and it looks to us like the vice president can sit in the chair, and the vice president can decide for the Senate what is reconcilable.”

He continued:  “The rules, the budget rules that everyone touts and are so arcane, they say the chair rules, and not the parliamentarian. The chair rules. The vice president has the prerogative of sitting in the chair, and if they want this done, the vice president should come to the Senate.”

In an interview on Morning Joe, the Kentucky Senator explained how Obamacare and Obamacare Lite both line the pockets of the insurance industry executives at the expense of the taxpayers:

Look, I don’t like the insurance companies. I don’t like being on the phone for two hours. I don’t like having to always pay cash, and still have an enormous premium. 

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So, nobody in America, no matter what your income level, likes the health insurance companies. 

The Paul Ryan plan though just continues to fund them. Do you realize that since Obamacare came into existence, that insurance companies have doubled their profits? And [what] they do is they segregate their losses into what they call the individual market, but then they act like they’re, you know, great humanitarians, and they want guaranteed issue, and they want to take care of everybody – as long as the backstop is the taxpayer.

They want to socialize their losses but privatize their billions of dollars of gains. 


Medicaid often doesn’t work. Half the doctors won’t take Medicaid, because they don’t pay the doctors very well in it. It is hard to find a doctor, and it isn’t the perfect health insurance. The better health insurance is a good job and good insurance, and if you still have to work for a small employer, let’s let you join a small group.

There’s 700,000 people in credit unions in Kentucky. What if credit unions offered as a side benefit of belonging to the credit union that you could get health insurance or we would be your buyer for your health insurance? Amazing things will happen to the market. Instead of us, you know, kissing the boots of the insurance executives, they will come on bended knee to the consumer. 

All of the stuff people wanted under Obamacare, we want to. But we have to figure out how to do it where we don’t just, you know, enrich the insurance companies and still leave everybody dangling out there, worried if they get sick. 

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