Rand Paul Knocks ‘Em Dead at CPAC 2015

I’m a little biased. I happen to be a big fan of Rand Paul. I believe that he and Ted Cruz represent the best opportunity for a strict philosophical conservative to lead our nation. While some of Paul’s positions fall outside the mainstream of the GOP (and even the mainstream of CPAC conservatives), he (and Cruz) are generally consistent with most conservative, freedom defending positions. But there is more. See, even John Boehner and Mitch McConnell usually talk a good game when it comes to conservatism. Many RINO’s speak as though they are STRONG conservatives, but when it comes time for action, when the rubber meets the road… most GOP politicians wander to the left in an effort to make their masters in DC happy. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and a handful of others don’t do that. They stand up for conservative principles even when… no, ESPECIALLY when it hurts.

Other Republicans like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Peter King call them things like “whacko birds” and attack them for actually defending the things they say they stand for. If the Republican establishment wonders why we conservatives so passionately support men like this, it’s because, unlike the establishment candidates, we trust these guys not do be bought off.

Rand Paul - GOP Superhero?So when Rand Paul saunters onto the CPAC stage to uproarious applause and cheering, it doesn’t surprise me. The Senator from Kentucky took the stage on Friday morning and electrified the crowd by calling on those who love Liberty and Freedom to stand and fight against our government’s tyranny.

He chided the Supreme Court for their decision to uphold Obamacare. He quoted the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and reminded liberals that our rights come from God and not the government.

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He attacked the President’s decision to allow the illegal invasion of privacy upon American citizens by collecting and keeping the phone records of innocent Americans without so much as getting a proper warrant.

He railed against our nation’s debt, which the liberals in Washington have been adding to at record amounts. He attacked the complaints of many in Congress about not getting enough money for their pet projects, then cited as an example the millions of dollars spent on origami condoms and said, “Don’t tell me there’s no place to cut!”

He said that we must protect ourselves from dangers from the outside, but we must always remember who we are.

“I believe that Hillary Clinton’s abdication of responsibility, her refusal to provide an adequate defense for Benghazi, her dereliction of duty should forever preclude her from higher office! It’s time for Hillary Clinton to PERMANENTLY retire.”

Senator Paul then continued to cast his foreign policy vision to the crowd — a vision which includes the end of “nation building.” Near the end of his speech, Senator Paul had worked the crowd into such a fervor that the crowd began loudly chanting “President Paul, President Paul!”



After his speech he took the time to answer a few questions:

How do Republicans win over libertarians and independents?

We need to defend the entire Bill of Rights. Defend the 2nd Amendment, but we must also defend the 4th and the 1st, the 5th and the 6th. Defend it all.


randpaulTimeIf you could have just one Constitutional Amendment, what would it be?



What is your biggest criticism of Congress, right now?

It’s dysfunctional. Even when we agree, we can’t get things done. The debt continues to grow because Congress can’t do its job.


How do you respond to some Republicans who say, ‘you aren’t tough enough on your foreign policy?’

It’s a valid question – I think national defense is the government’s most important job. However, on foreign policy, there are many different views within the Republican Party… I think we should simply obey the Constitution. The only times we should go to war should be when Congress debates it and then declares it.


Rand Paul will continue to be a divisive figure among Republicans because of his libertarian leanings (particularly on foreign policy), but he is beloved among the grassroots base… and that is something the GOP needs to remember. In my opinion he is our Party’s best opportunity to win young people and independents to our side. And that will be very important come 2016…

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