Rand Paul: John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani ‘Totally Unfit’ for Trump’s Secretary of State

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Rand Paul weighed in on some of Donald Trump’s potential cabinet picks. A couple of candidates for Secretary of State are John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom Rand Paul said should not be considered. Regarding Giuliani, Senator Paul stated:

“Worrisome, ties to foreign governments. concern for many of us about Hillary Clinton and his ties and money received from foreign governments. This is very important. More important than that is I think Trump should pick a secretary of state that agrees with his foreign policy. The thing Donald Trump said over and over again was that he was opposed to the Iraq War. He learned that lesson that regime change in the Middle East was not a good idea. Yet I don’t see Giuliani coming out with statements like that.

“I certainly don’t see John Bolton. Both have been big cheerleaders for the Iraq War and more intervention in the Middle East. I hope Donald Trump will pick someone consistent with what he said on the campaign trail that the Iraq war was a mistake. Having a regime change in the Middle East is a mistake.”

Specifically, regarding John Bolton:

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“I couldn’t vote for Bolton unless he repudiated his vote for war in the Middle East, and regime change throughout the Middle East. You want a diplomat in charge of diplomacy, not a bomb thrower. So, no. John Bolton’s totally unfit to be secretary of state. And I hope that the Trump administration will say, ‘You know what? He does not represent what Donald Trump represents,’ which is change, and which is the understanding the Iraq War was a mistake, and that regime change in the Middle East has been a mistake.”

Senator Paul wasn’t opposed to Giuliani serving in the Trump administration, just not in a capacity where his policies would be in direct opposition to Trump’s.

The Senator from Kentucky also weighed in on the media-fueled controversy surrounding one of Trump’s advisory picks Steve Bannon. Paul called all the attacks on him from the left a sour grapes attitude stemming from the fact that they lost.

Watch the interview here. It’s quite good:

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