Rand Paul Fires Shot Across Jeb Bush’s Bow – Calls Him Unelectable!

In an exclusive (and important) interview with Breitbart News, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke about the glaring weaknesses in the establishment’s chosen candidate, Jeb Bush (R-FL).

Senator Paul explained that he believes that Bush’s biggest problem will be the same one that plagued Mitt Romney and John McCain – electability. We used to talk about electable candidates being the most likely to do well in a partisan campaign. However, the electoral ground has shifted and conservatives have decided they will no longer support en masse the “lesser of two evils.” Moderate candidates like McCain and Romney were simply too liberal for the average conservative voter, so conservatives did not turn out to vote for them.

If the GOP wants to win in 2016, electable should take on a different definition. Which conservative candidate has the best opportunity to win in 2016 — not which Republican candidate, but which conservative candidate. In that sense, Senator Paul is right on with his analysis of Jeb Bush’s candidacy.

Here’s what Paul said Bush’s main problem is –

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“I think his main electability problem is with the Republican base…

Jeb Bush vs Rand PaulWhat you need, I think, is someone who has the ability to excite the Republican base and expand the party. You can’t have someone who is so moderate that they think they can get the moderate vote but can’t excite the Republican base.

I think that is the biggest obstacle he has to overcome, is that being a moderate in a conservative party is difficult. When you refer to conservatives in the third person, as he did recently, that makes it even more difficult I think to connect with conservatives. When the first person you call when you decide to run is Hillary Clinton, that doesn’t really endear you to the grassroots.”


That is honest, tough talk from one candidate to another… but Paul got really tough when the topic turned to the Common Core. Senator Paul has been travelling around Florida pressing the flesh and attempting to win over voters, and one of the things he’s noticed is that the grassroots GOP is NOT HAPPY with Jeb Bush’s embrace of the Common Core.

At one event in Collier County, Senator Paul was asked, “Sen. Paul, Jeb Bush—through his influence over our state legislature—is killing our efforts to return our education system to our local communities and districts. What’s your view on Common Core?”

His response should prove why Senator Paul is a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 primary.

“Good question. I’m an old-fashioned conservative. I grew up supporting Ronald Reagan when it was part of our platform to get rid of the entire Department of Education. I still think we should.

We found a Common Core in the English section that talks about the demise—it’s an op-ed that someone just put in there that you’re supposed to read for English comprehension and it talks about the Cold War,” Paul continued as the crowd quieted down.

It says, well, the Cold War finally ended when Reagan apologized to Gorbachev, they became friends and then Gorbachev ended the Cold War. That’s not exactly right. The danger of having a national curriculum where you use the bully force of the federal government to force things down is that bias could enter into the curriculum. I think that is a bias there…

So the thing is I’m not here to tell you I know the best way to do two digit addition problems, you should figure that out locally with your teachers, your principals, your school boards. I’m not against national tests. When I was a kid, you took the College Board Achievement test…

It just shouldn’t be mandated from Washington. I’m very much opposed to any of this being in Washington. I’m on the Education committee, and I will introduce an amendment to try to stop and defund Common Core.”


rand paulPaul concluded his interview with Breitbart by talking about what he sees as the winning formula for Republican in 2016.

“What I find as I’m traveling around the country is that people don’t want us to dilute our message.

They don’t want our message to be Democrat-light. They don’t want our message to be wishy-woshy. They want our message to be principled. They want us to boldly be for what we are for. I think you can be all of that and still find new voters by taking aspects of your message that haven’t been listened to and haven’t been heard to new venues. That doesn’t mean we give up on what we stand for.”

This is why I am, personally, such a big fan of Rand Paul. No, he’s not perfect… but he gets the fundamentals and the philosophy just right. I know that a President Paul won’t be part of growing the government, I know that a President Paul won’t raise my taxes without a big corresponding cut in spending, I know that a President Paul won’t push the government to intrude even more in my life. I KNOW all of these things because Rand Paul has consistently stood for smaller government… even when it hurts him with Republican voters.

Our nation could do a whole lot worse than a President Rand Paul, and Jeb Bush would most definitely be worse. Don’t let the establishment pick our next candidate, because their choice will just be as bad as the last two guys.


Check out Breitbart’s Great Interview with Senator Rand Paul.

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