Rand Paul “Doubles-Down” on Democrat Abortion Extremism!

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is an exciting candidate for me. I know that his foreign policy record worries some conservatives (though not me particularly), but if we focus on his domestic policy, his beliefs and philosophy are really spectacular. He’s a tax cutting, low spending, small government conservative. He also happens to be a pro-life warrior who is willing to defend the pro-life movement even if it hurts him politically. He recently spoke at the Susan B. Anthony List Strategy Summit in Washington, D.C. and he spoke passionately on the issue of a child’s right to life.



Senator Paul took to Facebook on Monday to let everyone know that he wasn’t done fighting the abortion battle yet, either.

I’m doubling-down on forcing out-of-touch Democrat politicians to answer for their pro-abortion extremism.

After all, isn’t it time the abortion lobby and their Democrat allies were put on the defensive for a change?

Defending the unborn is something I will NEVER apologize for.

You see, I was barely a candidate for 24 hours when a left-wing reporter tried to trap me with questions about my dedication to protecting life.

So I threw the question back in his face and demanded the media start asking Democrat politicians why they think it’s ok to kill a seven pound baby in the womb.

I think that Hillary Clinton should have to answer this question.

Standing strong for life and pointing out Democrat officials’ and Hillary Clinton’s extremism on the issue are why new polls show we are leading her in key swing states like Colorado, Iowa and Pennsylvania.

If our party is going to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016, we need a candidate committed to the pro-Life cause who can mobilize the majority of Americans who believe all life is sacred.

Will you add your name to join the movement to protect life and take our country back?


If you want to Stand with Rand against Abortion and for the rights of the unborn please go to his website and sign the petition.

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