Rand Paul Calls Out Trump’s Potential Secretary of State Nominees as ‘Unrepentant’ [VIDEO]

The general election honeymoon is ending, and it’s time to get to business. Trump isn’t going to make perfect choices, and he and those who voted for him need to respect the Constitutional checks and balances that are inherent in our government system.

U.S. Senator [score]Rand Paul[/score] (R-KY) has gotten a lot of flak from conservatives for criticizing a couple of Donald Trump’s potential appointees for Secretary of State, and raising concerns about them. Those potential nominees are Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton.

It’s important to understand that this is all part of the vetting process. Trump will make his appointments, and the Senate will vote to confirm or block the nominations. All that’s needed to confirm their appointments is a simple majority. And Senator Paul says that he knows of two or three other Republican senators who share his concerns and would join him in blocking their nominations.

Senator Paul’s concerns about Giuliani and Bolton stem from their holding contradictory foreign policy views from President-elect Trump. Trump campaigned on criticizing the Iraq war and the U.S. policy of “nation-building.” Senator Paul shares Trump’s concerns about those issues, but neither Giuliani nor Bolton do.

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Paul describes them both as “unrepentant.” In other words, they haven’t learned from the mistakes and consequences of our foreign policy, because they don’t see any problem. They want more of the same.

Paul argues that we don’t need a “bomb-thrower” in the position of the nation’s top diplomat. We should have someone who shares Trump’s opinions on foreign policy, and he said he’s trying to help Trump by getting someone in that cabinet position who is a more reasonable person. He acknowledged that he’s not the one who makes the appointments, but he did once again suggest Senator [score]Bob Corker[/score].

Here’s his interview on “Face the Nation”:

The flip-side to all this is that Trump can’t pick only outsiders, especially when the U.S. Senate has to vote to confirm them. That means that even if Trump wanted a particular person to be Secretary of State who does share Trump’s more conservative foreign policy, that nominee may not get confirmed.

I think this is part of what Ron Paul – Rand’s dad – was talking about when he said that it would be very difficult for Trump to drain the swamp, even if he’s sincere. Our government has spent decades going in the wrong direction, and it’s going to take a lot more than just one president to turn things around. The “establishment” has been the establishment for too long.

I’m sure Trump realizes this and is being advised to appoint people who will most likely be confirmed. Unfortunately, that means choosing establishment insiders.

I think Trump and Pence putting a ban on lobbyists working for the administration will go a long way in helping to change the direction of the White House. I sincerely hope that that rule will remain in place, so that lobbyists have no influence in the decision-making.

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