Radio Host Questions Whether ‘White Officer’ Should be Called ‘Hero’ For Killing ‘Black Somali’ [VIDEO]

On his Twitter profile, radio host Tariq Nasheed describes himself as an “Anti-Racism Strategist” and “Constitution Advocate.” But in his alleged quest to be non-racist, he sent out a tweet seemingly criticizing the way the white cop who shot the black OSU attacker was characterized as a “hero.”

So white officer Alan Horujko who shot and killed the Black Somali stabbing suspect in Ohio is being paraded as a hero. Thats interesting

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It seems to be quite a stretch to categorize this incident as “white-on-black.” This had nothing to do with race. The cop who took action to prevent further stabbings didn’t have to be white. If it had been an officer who happened to be black or Hispanic, I think most people would have still characterized the officer as a “hero.”

And likewise, the attacker didn’t have to be Somalian. He could have been white. If he had been white, and he was shot and killed by a cop, I don’t think most people would have thought the race of the cop and the suspect was even relevant.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Tariq completely backpedaled on his remarks:

“No, I didn’t think the guy was wrong for what he did. The guy was a hero. The comment wasn’t meant to racialize the actual shooting and the event itself. When that happened, there were a lot of people online who played the race card. And the minute they found out who the suspect was, they kept talking about Black Somalian, Black Somalian. Then they started talking about Black Lives Matter and Obama and then they racialized it.”

After his interview, Nasheed sent out this tweet:

Ppl are wondering y so many mad racist Fox News viewers are trolling my page after my appearance. Thats because there are no “sore winners”

I don’t understand how “Fox News viewers” are racist. They’re not the ones who racialized the attack at Ohio State University. Tariq did by questioning whether a “white officer” should be classified as a “hero” for killing a “black Somali.”

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