“Racist Republicans” Favor a Latino and an African American for President

In a recent conservative straw poll asking who conservatives would like to see as the next Republican candidate for President, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Dr. Ben Carson took first and second place, respectively.


This seriously begs the question… “What are these racist Republicans trying to do? Confuse us?” In the most recent straw poll conducted by the Republican Leadership Conference (the 2014 Intel RLC Straw Poll) conservatives overwhelmingly chose a Latino and an African-American as their two favorite candidates for President in 2016.


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Could it be that Republicans actually do care more about who is the most consistent on issues of conservatism than they do the color the person’s skin?

The answer is yes.

Something else we might learn from this exercise by the RLC is that the Tea Party may not be as dead as the media and RINO’s would like us to believe. Four of the five candidates could very well be considered Tea Party favorites (with the exception being Huckabee – who isn’t exactly shunned by Tea Party types).

So what have we learned?

Republicans may not be the vile racists liberals pretend they are, and the Tea Party may still have some life left after all.


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