Racism in America: A different perspective

If you are a conservative, you should be well aware that the term “racism” was invented by Communists to advance their propaganda as they took over Russia and the surrounding Eastern European nations. You should also know that its use hasn’t changed.

Year after year, day after day, the topic of race is used here in the United States to advance the federal takeover of yet another portion of our lives. First it was “tax-funded facilities,” most of which should never have been tax funded and still should not be. Then hiring practices. Now the police force.

I am among the first to condemn police brutality, much to the chagrin of those who defend criminals behind the badge. This is because I believe that no one is above the law. It doesn’t matter to me if you are an elected official or a law enforcement officer, there are rules that you must abide by, regardless of how you feel.

Barack Obama believes that he should be able to shoot unarmed American teens with drone missiles because their fathers were labeled by the president as threats (even though evidence shows that Anwar Al Awlaki was actually an FBI informant). The CIA believe that they should be allowed to use cruel and unusual treatments to extract additional information from foreigners they have labeled as knowledgeable of terror networks (even though these tactics produced no information that wasn’t already gathered previously through other means). And some wicked police officers believe that they have the right to decide how much force to use against an uncooperative suspect (even if the person is actually guilty of no crime at all).

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All of these people’s actions would fit well under the brutal totalitarian governments of the USSR.

When I have criticized police brutality, many conservatives look at me askance. This is because Al Sharpton also criticizes police brutality, calling for riots, assassinations, and all out war between blacks and police.

sharptonBut I never listen to anything Al Sharpton says, so this is an unfortunate conflation, and people would do well to listen beyond my first three sentences before judging me as standing with the ungodly fake reverend.

Al Sharpton is an FBI informant. He has been on their payroll since the days of the Tawana Brawley scandal. His purpose is to keep the flames of racial hatred alive, because it furthers the purpose of the Communists in the FBI: the federal control of all police departments.

I oppose that. The federal government is responsible, whether by funding, example, or action, for most of the institutionalized injustices in the USA. From the existence of the IRS, EPA, TSA and other abusive and unconstitutional bureaucracies; to the social programs that have only ever produced more of the problems that they were supposedly invented to solve (e.g., the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, and the War on Terror); to the bailouts of big banks and other corporations that have made possible the lucrative lives of our elected officials.

So why would I, as a thinking person, ever turn to the federal government for ANYTHING!!?

There is a better way. Go to www.nationallibertyalliance.com They will tell you how to start a Common Law Grand Jury in your county.

A Common Law Grand Jury is better than a “citizens review board,” because those who sit on the Jury are not beholden to any politicians who helped them get that seat. police_state11Furthermore, a Grand Jury has the force of law: their indictments MUST be prosecuted, even of elected or appointed or hired government officials.

This is not something that Al Sharpton would stand for, because he doesn’t believe in upholding the law. A tax cheat who owes the US Treasury about $4 million, he wants to remain above the law, not beholden to it.

Furthermore, the fight against police brutality is not about race, at least not in most cases–even though, under the current “thin blue line” mentality, racists can be hidden from justice. In 2012, police in this country killed twice as many whites as blacks, but still the fewest of any recent years, though ten times as many police as were killed by assailants.

No, the fight against police brutality is about the right to a trial and the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, for all Americans, including crazed college students walking naked outside their dorms (that was a white guy) or people previously guilty of other crimes (because prior offences don’t mean present guilt: see the Apostle Paul).

But Al Sharpton makes it about race. This is not because he wants justice in the black community, as his lies about Tawana Brawley prove. This is because he works for the Communists in the FBI who want to federalize the police. Once federalized and fully militarized, the police themselves will beholden to DC special interests, a truly frightening prospect that will not bode well for anyone in the US.

This is why we should constitute and support Common Law Grand Juries in our own counties ASAP. People like Sharp-Tongue and the people he has been working for do not deserve to be above the law. They deserve to be punished for the harm they have done to the people of this nation, and quickly.

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