Race Pimps Fine with Openly Racist Convenience Store in Cleveland

When we talk about racism in America we are generally discussing issues between white and black Americans. Media observers seem to forget that America is the most diverse nation in the world, and we are made up of many different nationalities, ethnicities and religious faiths. So why is that we only seem to discuss issues of racism when it’s white on black?

For example, in Cleveland, Ohio a local gas station has been publicly exhibiting racist behaviors for YEARS and no one in the media really seems to care.

The owner of Biggie’s, Brahim “Abe” Ayad, a forty-something Palestinian-American who lives in North Olmsted, once explained to Douglas Guth of theCleveland Jewish News that the murals represent his “protest against ‘evil-doing Zionists’ who, among other offenses, he claims, took away his Palestinian father’s land to make way for the state of Israel.” Ayad further explained that “[t]he shocking imagery on his walls are his way ‘of fighting fire with fire,’ and that ‘[i]f they want to insult me, they should know how it feels to be insulted.’”

Here are just a few of the murals that Biggie’s Gas Station and Convenience store in Cleveland has shown off over the years.

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Racism is racism is racism.

Why isn’t the surrounding community rising up and calling this vicious anti-Semitic hatred evil? Why hasn’t any of the race profiteers gotten in on this and demanded that “Biggie’s” be shut down for their hateful rhetoric and art?

No one seems to even care.

The disgusting double standards that the left exhibits when it comes to racism should be telling… but the media doesn’t even bat an eye.

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