Race Baiting Tax Cheat Al Sharpton Loves Charles Darwin

Al Sharpton seems to get away with every moral infraction. Many people ask how he can live with himself knowing that he was involved in the smearing of six white men when he took up for Tawana Brawley who claimed she had been raped and left with racial slurs written on her body and covered in feces, has been agitating every racial incident in America, has become a racial shakedown artist, and refuses to pay millions of dollars in taxes.

The reason he feels no guilt is because his religion is based on Darwinism – the survival of the fittest. It’s not the survival of the most kind, most moral, or even the most right. It’s about opposing the weak to make way for the strong.

Sharpton sent out this tweet mocking Scott Walker’s comments on evolution:

“Happy Darwin Day from the Galapagos Islands! How do you think Scott Walker is celebrating?”

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I wonder if Rev. Sharpton knows the subtitle to Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. Here it is: The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

In the 1925 “Scope’s Trial,” the defendant John Scopes taught from “an approved school text called A Civic Biology by George Hunter.” The book is not so much a scientific defense of Darwinism but a rehearsal of “Darwinism’s social implications. In particular, chapter seventeen discusses the application to human society of ‘the laws of selection’ and approves the eugenic policies and scientific racism common in the United States at the time.’ (Scopes, a substitute teacher planted by the ACLU to test Tennessee’s anti-evolution law, was teaching his students from chapter seventeen.) In his Civic Biology, ‘Hunter believed that it would be criminal to hand down ‘handicaps’ to the next generation and regarded families with a history of tuberculosis, epilepsy and feeblemindedness as ‘parasitic on society.’ The remedy, according to Hunter, is to prevent breeding.”
from Godfather Politics…

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