A Quarter of Congressional Democrats Choose to Betray Israel

“We love death more than you love life.”  —Islamic extremist saying, for the ears of Israeli Jews and Christians

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”  —Elie Wiesel


Netanyahu’s Protest

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a speech to a joint session of the US Congress for the third time in his career.  The prime minister said that any deal with Iran cannot be trusted, since Iran has never changed its behavior of promoting terrorism worldwide or of threatening the State of Israel with destruction.  An active terrorist rogue state can never be trusted to own nuclear weaponry.  Netanyahu pointed out that a treaty with Iran will only delay the timeframe by which Iran may, with international permission, eventually acquire nuclear bombs, saying that a path forward to a deal with Iran would not be a “farewell to arms, but a farewell to arms control.”  (For the full text of the speech use this link: http://www.ibtimes.com/netanyahu-speech-congress-full-text-read-bibis-entire-remarks-iran-1834610.)


Republicans Are Proving to Be the Steadfast Friends of Israel

IsraelAt least 60 Congressional Democrats refused to support Israel by hearing out the Jewish State’s prime minister on March 3rd.  This is 26% of all the Democrats in the US Congress!  (Here is a list of Congressional members who have chosen to skip the speech: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/232160-whip-list-dems-skipping-netanyahu-speech.)

It also bears mentioning that President Obama, the leader of the “walk-out,” did not even agree to meet with Netanyahu to discuss the terms of any deal that might be struck.  No Democrat of the Obama Administration attended the speech.  Vice President Biden stayed away, as did Secretary of State John Kerry and every other member of President Obama’s cabinet.

On a positive note, there is stalwart support for Israel among the membership of the Republican Party.  Every Congressional Republican has chosen philo-Semitism when it comes to Israel policy decisions, signaling that—in a day when Democrats are doubtful supporters of Israel—at least Congressional Republicans have shown themselves to be 100% reliable in their opposition to anti-Semitism and the  anti-Semitic rogue state of Iran.


Hitting the Ball out of the Park

Prime Minister Netanyahu hit a homerun Tuesday—indeed it might be said that he hit the ball out of the park—with his speech before the US Congress.  While Republicans are uniform in their praise of the prime minister’s speech, Democrats have shown mixed reactions—even among those who were in attendance!


Naïve Notions

Benjamin NetanyahuCongressman John Yarmuth, a Jewish Congressman from Kentucky who did not attend the speech, said Netanyahu could “go home.”  He referred to the speech, on Fox News, as “condescending” and claimed that the prime minister could now say to his Israeli constituents that he “lectured” the American people about matters they already have knowledge of (which is, in fact, not true, with the low-information reporting culture that typifies the mainstream media nowadays).  But to anyone who actually saw the speech, Netanyahu could not have been more collegial in his acknowledgment of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, including his praise of President Obama.  Netanyahu’s manner was anything but condescending, and Congressman Yarmuth has only proven himself, despite his being Jewish, to be the type of person who really does not care very deeply about Israel.


Self-Loathing Jews in Congress

The term, within the Jewish community, for Jews who act disparagingly or destructively vis-à-vis Israel or other Jews is “self-hating.”  These are the kinds of people who, perhaps out of fear, strive to prove that their being Jewish does not influence or inform their actions in the world.  And what greater proof can there be of their equanimity than embracing and supporting the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) or other anti-Semitic groups such as SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) or CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations)?  Unfortunately, there are such Jews in the Congress now, mixed in with all the other anti-Zionists.

A more proper role for a prominent Jewish lawmaker might be to use ethical Judaism as a platform for making and justifying morality-based decision-making and ethical political positioning.  But to do so would mean having to live religiously and to support Judeo-Christian ethics, in the style of former US Senator Joseph Lieberman or public-policy commentator Benjamin Shapiro.


The New Democrats

Most Democrat Jewish lawmakers, of the Obama era, tend to view religion in the public sphere as a problem, whereas Republicans welcome ethical voices of all kinds.  In short, Democrats believe in moral relativity, finding both ethical Judaism and evangelical Christianity unworthy of being included in the public discourse.

It is Democrats that actually seem welcoming of the hardline misogyny and homophobia of Islam and Sharia, while concurrently claiming to promote equal rights for women and gays.  Ironically, the unethical progressive media fail to report these facts, nor will they report the facts that women have been legally guaranteed equal pay since 1963 and that official Constitutional-conservative gay groups (such as the Log Cabin Republicans) have recently begun to achieve acceptance by state Republican parties (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/mar/2/log-cabin-republicans-officially-recognized-by-cal/?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS).

The Democrat support of Sharia being allowed, in the US and in other Western nations, is a recipe for disaster.  Jewish and Christian groups all submit to the US Constitution and US law for secular governance.  Allowing Muslims to choose from a menu of laws that includes Sharia would only grow the power of Sharia in the US, putting women and gays in tremendous danger, not to mention Jews!


Obama’s Behind-the-Scenes Deception

Obama-vs-Israel-II-280x230So, the Israeli prime minister’s speech, perhaps the most important political speech yet of the 21st Century, may serve to crystalize much of what is wrong with a Democrat Party that is becoming increasingly anti-Semitic.  It is not true that Obama found out about Netanyahu’s visit by watching the news.  Boehner and Netanyahu both called the White House to inform President Obama as the visit was being arranged.  It may indeed be true that Boehner contacted Netanyahu’s office before calling the president, but it was President Obama who chose to dissemble about his not being informed and to use the entire affair as a wedge issue to begin the drive to make the Democrat Party the anti-Israel party.  Any other American president would have welcomed Netanyahu with open arms, no matter the circumstances of the invitation.

Obama’s anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head more and more these days.  An Israeli minister who trusted Secretary of State John Kerry with knowledge of the plan ended up actually drawing a response from President Obama, who pledged to shoot down the planes if the mission actually went forward (http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/obama-threatened-israeli-jets/2015/03/01/id/627575/).


The Need for Netanyahu’s Speech

Boehner, after the president’s state-of-the-union speech, had to issue the invitation to Netanyahu without delay, due to President Obama’s failure in his speech to address the issue of Iran before the American People.  Obama’s refusal to address this important issue, as well as his famous lack of transparency, demanded that an airing of the issue be sponsored by the Congress.  And who better to address the matter than the prime minister of Israel, a country with arguably more to lose from a bad deal than any other country.  Boehner had to act swiftly to invite the prime minister, largely due to the timeline involved in the Iran nuclear deal.

As a responsible prime minister and a tireless advocate for Israel, Netanyahu could not turn down such an invitation.  Congressman Yarmuth’s characterization of Netanyahu’s remarks before the Congress as “scare-mongering” is dangerously naïve.  Iran has threatened repeatedly to eventually wipe Israel from the map of the Mid-East.  Nuclear weapons will give Iran a serious means towards that end.


One Chance to Get This Right

We get only one chance to get this Iranian situation right.  Allowing weapons of mass destruction to find themselves in the hands of religious zealots who are in love with death is worse than playing Russian roulette.  Are you willing to bet your life, or the lives of your children, that the world will be as safe as it is right now, once Iran gets nukes?

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