Quadruple Murder Suspect Was Out on Bail for a 2015 Murder!

And the media is selectively uninterested how the quadruple murder suspect selected his targets.

In August, two elderly couples were playing bridge at one of the couple’s homes when a gunman shot all four of them dead.

First of all, while robbery is suspected as a motive, there is no reason that we know of why the gunman couldn’t wait for the guest couple to leave the home so there would be only two victims. No, these four were gunned down in a surprise attack from outside the home.

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Was robbery a motive or a side-benefit to killing for the thrill of it? The quadruple murder suspect shows that he was driven by more than greed.

Recently a suspect was arrested: Matthew Simms. Once identified, he wasn’t hard to find. He was already in jail.

ABC 11 reports, “No bond for suspect accused of killing four elderly people in Halifax County.

…Simms was arrested in 2015 in connection with the murder of Jarshamel Cambridge.

He was originally held with no bond in that case, but he was eventually granted bond. Simms made bail and was released in that case.

Simms was due in court in June for that case but did not appear.

A warrant was put out after his failure to appear, [Halifax County Sheriff Wes] Tripp said, and he was arrested in September.

I realize bail is not supposed to be punitive. But there was reason to believe that the killing of Cambridge was gang-related. According to Heavy.com, Sims has a criminal record going back to at least 2008, a history of missing court dates.

He was arrested multiple times in 2008 on charges of misdemeanor and felony breaking and entering. In 2009, he was sentenced to probation and a suspended jail sentence in those cases. He has had his probation revoked in those cases multiple times and has served a total of 3 years and 3 months in prison.

His most recent conviction was in July 2016, when he was convicted of possession of a firearm by a felon and sentenced to probation.

So a man with a violent, lawless history was unleashed on the public so he could murder four more?

And how did he target the house? The BATF is investigating if the fact that one of the victims was a federally-licensed gun dealer had anything to do with the crime.

But looking at the neighbors interviewed by the media, it looks like they were a white couple living in a predominately black neighborhood. So did they get targeted because they stood out to a young, black criminal?

I don’t know, but if the races were reversed in this story—if a young, white thug shot to death four African-Americans in a predominately white neighborhood—I think the media would be curious.

Read the entire ABC 11 story.

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