Public School Teachers Union Turns Against Religious Freedom – to Vote Against RFRA!

The folks over at Barbwire have discovered some worrisome plans that the National Education Association (NEA) has when it comes to religious freedom. Apparently, the NEA plans to take a stand on the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (and other RFRA’s around the country) in an effort to stymie religious freedom for the sake of stopping “discrimination.” No word yet on if the NEA realizes that by seeking to crush the personal views of Christians they are themselves engaging in discrimination.

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…Says Laws are A “License to Discriminate”

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The National Education Association’s annual representative assembly, meeting this week in Orlando, will vote on Friday or Saturday to take a stand against religious freedom in America.

It’s just the latest in radical leftist political action by the nation’s largest union with approximately 3 million members. In many states, teachers are compelled to join the union in order to hold a job, so the NEA is already well acquainted with strong-arm tactics.

New Business Item A, submitted by the NEA Board of Directors itself, states:

“The NEA will develop educational materials for its state affiliates and members about the potential dangers of so-called ‘religious freedom restoration acts’ or RFRAs, which may license individuals and corporations to discriminate on the theory that their religious beliefs require such actions…”
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