Public School Teacher Tells Students that “God is a Myth”

A 12-year old girl from Katy, Texas was shocked when her 7th grade reading teacher told her that “God was a myth.”

12-year old Jordan Wooley was sitting in her reading class a few weeks back, working on an assignment where the students were asked to differentiate between fact, common assertion and opinion. One of the statements on the assignment required the student to think through the statement, “There is a God.”

Surprised, Jordan told her teacher that “it was a fact, indeed true, based on my religion, and she said that I was incorrect. I was wrong.” Even knowing what the teacher wanted her to say, Jordan says she decided to stick with her answer because she felt it was more important to be faithful than to please her teacher and get a perfect score. When she later texted her mother telling her what happened, Chantel Wooley was understandably outraged.


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“The majority of the kids believed in God and they’re being told by their teacher that there’s no God.” Jordan told her mother that she and other students argued with the teacher about the reality of God which is when the teacher informed them that she had had the same argument in all of her classes that day. Chantel Wooley also said that Jordan had told her that, “They were really really upset.  Jordan told me that one kid slammed her books on the desk that she wanted it [the discussion] to stop. Another kid went home crying.”

Jordan’s mother called the school to complain about the assignment and the way her teacher had handled the subject matter, but Jordan decided that she needed to take her complaints all the way to the top, so she made an appearance at the Katy Independent School District school board meeting.

“I can tell you that while she was up there at the school board speaking, I was crying. Here’s my kid, braver than most adults, speaking about her faith and how she felt violated at school. In New York, California, Vermont, the liberal states, I could totally see this as happening. But in Houston, Texas, where it’s red, white, and blue, and stars all over, and God bless the USA, and ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’, you know, Texas is messing with my kid.”

While I can understand the intent of the assignment – critically thinking through the differences between facts, assertions and opinions — a reasonably intelligent person would have realized that this question was unnecessary and inflammatory and would likely distract from the purpose of the assignment.

Oddly enough, while we Christians may not be able to prove beyond a doubt that God does exist, neither can this teacher prove that He does not. So, in fact the teacher was also wrong in asserting that God was simply a myth.

But that’s beside the point. The heart of the matter here is that once again liberals in government schools are showing their intense double standard and hypocrisy. While they fully support atheism in public education along with propagating the idea that God is myth, they harangue and attack anyone who dares utter anything resembling Christianity in the same schools. While a Christian teacher will be scolded for offering their opinion on faith, the Katy ISD seemed to hope to simply sweep far more egregious atheist behavior under the rug.

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Don’t let Katy ISD get away with this behavior – let them know that we won’t let them indoctrinate our kids with their amoral and anti-God rhetoric.

You can reach Katy ISD here:

6301 S. Stadium Lane, Katy TX 77494


The Superintendent is Alton L. Frailey and he can be reached at:


You can also contact Jordan’s school, West Memorial Junior High School, directly:

22311 Provincial Blvd, Katy, TX 77494

(281) 237-6400

The Principal at WMJH is Gina Cobb and she can be reached at:


or you can email her.

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