Public School Teacher has 3rd Graders Write Get-Well Cards for Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

A 3rd grade teacher from Orange, New jersey is under fire after parents and authorities found out that in early April she had her children complete a questionable (at the very least) writing assignment. In early April, Marylin Zuniga had her 3rd graders create “Get Well” notes for convicted (and unapologetic) cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal. How did everyone find out? Why Zuniga posted the news to her Twitter account (which has now disappeared).


From the Gateway Pundit:


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Last week third grade children in New Jersey were recently told to write get well wishes to cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Just dropped off these letters to comrade Johanna Fernandez. My 3rd graders wrote to Mumia to lift up his spirits as he is ill. #freemumia


The teacher behind the letter writing campaign wrote “The mind of a child is where the revolution begins.”

If a 3rd grader can tell it like it is..never underestimate youth.The mind of a child is where the revolution begins!

— Marylin (@Marylin_Zuniga) December 5, 2014


The woman to whom Zuniga dropped off the letters is a professor who happens to visit Abu-Jamal from time to time. Notice how she calls her “comrade” — a favorite term of the radical left. She also doesn’t shy away from speaking openly of “revolution,” as you can see by an earlier tweet from back in December of 2014. These are the people educating your children America. Do you even know the people spending hours each day influencing, guiding and molding your babies? I sure hope you do.


The London Daily Mail posted a picture of the letters:


mumia letters



Thankfully the school officials in Orange, New Jersey have finally taken action and suspended the teacher this past Friday. The school superintendent says that neither the school nor the district had any idea that Zuniga was forcing her children to take part in this assignment. He said that she’d not notified the parents either.

Orange School Superintendent Ronald Lee said in a statement that school administrators “vehemently deny” any knowledge of Marylin Zuniga’s assignment. Preliminary inquiries found that Zuniga did not seek approval from administrators nor were parents notified, Lee said.

“The incident reported is in no way condoned nor does it reflect curriculum, program or activities approved by the district,” Lee said in a statement.


MumiaAbuJamalImage2The school district also says that Zuniga’s suspension (with pay) will last until they’ve concluded their investigation, at which point further action may be taken.

Philadelphia police were rightly outraged that a school would allow such a disgusting display, especially so near to where the horrible crime had been committed.

Philadelphia’s police union expressed outrage over the get-well cards.

“It’s not a good use of school time. It’s absolutely not teaching them anything except how to interact with a convicted cop killer,” said John McNesby, president of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police. “So if I was a parent there, I would absolutely be appalled.”


In my humble opinion, a suspension with pay is not punishment enough for this disgusting radical. Every day teachers across the country are held to a far higher standard than the Orange School District seems to be holding Ms. Zuniga. She has openly admitted (via her Twitter statements) to be proactively working to mold young minds into becoming anti-American radicals. Not only that, she showed obvious disdain for the rights of the parents when she had 3rd grade children communicating with a convicted murderer without the consent of their parents!

One further wonders if she told the kids about the sick man they were writing to. Did she tell them he was a proud liberal intellectual? Or was she honest and did she tell them about how he murdered a Philadelphia police officer in cold blood – leaving his wife and children without a husband and father?

I’d bet she lied to those kids, and if Orange schools don’t fire her, she’ll continue lying to her students every chance she gets.

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