Public School Principal Hates America

Public School Principal Greta Hawkins hates America. At least that’s what it seems like. For some reason that she seems unwilling or unable to logically articulate, Hawkins keeps banning patriotic music from her school.

Back in 2012 Hawkins gained national fame (or infamy) when she wouldn’t allow 90 kindergarteners from her public school to sing “God Bless the USA” at their kindergarten graduation ceremony. She explained that she couldn’t allow “God bless the USA” or the popular Lee Greenwood song “Proud to be an American” because she didn’t want to “offend” other cultures.

Now, she’s found another song she doesn’t like, and has banned a group of pre-K students from singing “Stand Up for the Red, White and Blue” at their “moving-up” ceremony.

Her explanation to the teachers?

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“You didn’t ask permission to do it,” Hawkins scolded the teachers.

Stunned and disappointed, teachers said the simple, rhyming processional was sung to cheers at a pre-K ceremony several years ago.

“It’s a nice, rousing song,” one said. “The parents got up and clapped and yahooed. The kids waved their flags, and it just got everything going.”

Hawkins also told the teachers that the small American flags they’d be using for the ceremony would not be allowed because they were unapproved “materials.”

The principal insists that it’s not about patriotism, but back in September she also stopped the traditional daily singing of “America the Beautiful.” (Though the kids do still get to pledge Allegiance each day.)

Some parents are not happy with the Principal’s decision.

One pre-K mom said, “I’m angry about it. It’s the American flag. What’s wrong with that? So many soldiers died for it. Why is she against the red, white and blue?”

Her child sings the lyrics at home, the mom said. She called the waving of flags “wonderful.”

Greta Hawkins is hardly an aberration in our liberal public school indoctrination system. These are the folks who are training the next generation… they are training our kids.

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