Public School Lectures Students: ‘To Be White is to be Racist’ [VIDEO]

Parents in America’s heartland were recently shocked to discover what their children were being taught in the local public school system.

During a class discussing racism a teacher in Norman, Oklahoma was showing a video that described European exploration in wholly negative terms. The video itself was condescending, race-baiting historical revisionism, but what was even more out of bounds were the teacher’s comments following the video. One student, who was so upset by the video she took her phone out to record what was happening, caught the teacher explaining to the students that simply being white means that you must also be racist.

First the teacher told his students “to be white is to be racist, period.” Then as his lesson continued he admitted that he was himself, in fact, a racist. “Am I racist? And I say, yea. I don’t want to be. It’s not like I choose to be racist, but do I do things because of the way I was raised?”

Of course, the parents were as outraged as their child when they found out what the student had been subjected to. “I felt like he was encouraging people to kind of pick on people for being white. Why is it okay to demonize one race to children that you are supposed to be teaching a curriculum to,” the student’s father wondered.

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If the parents were expecting help from the school or the school district, they were sorely disappointed. Norman Public Schools released the following statement about the disturbing lecture:

“Racism is an important topic that we discuss in our schools. While discussing a variety of philosophical perspectives on culture, race and ethics, a teacher was attempting to convey to students in an elective philosophy course a perspective that had been shared at a university lecture he had attended. We regret that the discussion was poorly handled. When the district was notified of this concern it was immediately addressed. We are committed to ensuring inclusiveness in our schools.” – Dr. Joe Siano, superintendent of Norman Public Schools

You can contact Dr. Siano to let him know how you feel about the situation here:
[email protected]

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