Public School Bans Christian Books

Officials at Springs Charter School in Temecula, California, must have misunderstood what Banned Book Week (Sept. 21-27, 2014) is all about. The celebration is not about why it’s good and proper to ban books; it’s about the freedom to read. The sponsors of the celebration are against banning books unless, maybe, those books mention Jesus, question evolution, and offer arguments against abortion and same-sex sexuality.

“Liberals have long-rallied against some parents attempts to ban controversial books from student curriculum. But at least one school is taking it a step further and purging books from the school library itself, to the dismay of some parents. What was so offensive that it garnered an entire purge of its content? Apparently, it’s the name of Jesus

“One parent of students enrolled at Springs Charter School was shocked when she saw which books librarians were taking off the shelves to give away. Holocaust survivor Corrie Ten Boom’s popular ‘The Hiding Place’ was among the books targeted for removal. When the parent asked what was going on, library staff told her that they had been given orders to remove all Christian books, books by Christian authors, and books by Christian publishers.”

The Hiding Place is a true story of a Christian family in the Netherlands hiding Jews from the Nazis. Like The Diary of Anne Frank, it’s a first-hand account. Every high school student should read it. It’s a harrowing story but also one of courage and an example of the Bible’s directive to love thy neighbor even when the reality of a concentration camp awaits those who refuse to submit to Nazi political tyranny.

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If books that mention Jesus can be banned, then it’s logical to assume that books that have religious themes based on the Bible could be next.

How is it possible that any school student can be considered educated without knowledge of the Bible and its central character?


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