Protestors Cry After Being ‘Maced Without Warning’ While Assaulting Officers

Newsflash for those of you not smart enough to figure this out: if you attack an officer of the law, they do not have to warn you that they are going to mace or tase you.

One would think this goes without saying, and you’d think that protestors would do some research before acting like fools….Ha. Kidding. They would have to be able to read to do research.

Blue Lives Matter report:

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis activists who were protecting the acquittal of Jason Stockley are crying about being abused by the police after they blocked a police transport van and then started shoving police officers, and that’s their side of the story (videos below.)

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The Associated Press reports that around 2:40 PM on Friday, a group of the protesters stood in front of a police transport bus full of officers in riot gear, blocking it from moving.

The bus tried to back up, but then a group stood behind the bus, blocking them in. The group then started throwing objects at the bus.

When the officers began to push them back, the crowd pushed against the officers. Bad move. That’s when they were “maced by the police without any forewarning,” according to one woman.


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