Prosecutor Lied in Trial of Republican Politician

Using words like “misled,” “inaccurate,” and “false,” the judge in the case seems to think the prosecutor lied.

Either the prosecutor lied in the trial of former Representative Aaron Schock or he did something close to it. The judge in the case is making the prosecution review all their court filings to see if there are any more “inaccuracies.”

Nothing else is going to happen to the prosecution for misleading the judge. How would the media react if something like this had happened in the trial of Anthony Wiener?

Politico reports, “Judge complains prosecution ‘misled’ him in Aaron Schock case.

The federal judge overseeing the criminal case against former Rep. Aaron Schock leveled an unusual public complaint Tuesday that he was misled by a prosecutor on the case.

Judge Colin Bruce, of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois, also ordered the prosecution to conduct a review of all its court filings in the matter for potential inaccuracies.

Bruce concluded that the lead prosecutor on the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Bass, gave inaccurate information to the court when he appeared to deny that prosecutors told grand jurors that Schock, a former Illinois Republican congressman, had been subpoenaed to the grand jury but declined to appear.


“The recent revelation puts this court in a somewhat difficult position as it is now aware that it was misled by the Government,” wrote Bruce, an appointee of President Bill Clinton and a veteran of the same U.S. Attorney’s Office. “Unfortunately, this court relied upon, and even quoted, the Government’s inaccurate statement, which it now knows to be false, in a previous order. While the court’s reliance on that statement was not dispositive of any issue, the court must ensure that it does not rely on any inaccurate information in any future orders.”

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