More Proof that Evolution is Impossible

“The debate is over. Evolution is a fact (even though no one has ever seen it take place.)” Evolutionists have never proved evolution. A something-from-nothing premise is not scientifically demonstrable. If it were, we would be seeing experiments on how nothing became something, but we don’t.

Change within existing species is not evolution. When Tim Berra, professor of zoology at Ohio State University, compares biological evolution with the “evolution” of the Corvette, he is lying. It can’t be said any other way.[1] There are various materials needed to make an automobile (where did the “stuff” to make the parts come from?), designers to conceptualize how the material needs to fit together (where did the information come from needed to design a self-propelled machine?), and workers to take the original design and the manufactured parts and assemble them to make a functioning machine (the parts did not assemble themselves).

Two technology stories demonstrate that evolution is impossible. If it takes designers and manufacturers and programmers to make a robotic arm, then how is it possible the stuff of the cosmos came together on its own to make us? There is a new four-fingered, three-jointed robotic hand that “can catch a ball, a bottle or a tennis racket thrown in its direction in less than five-hundredths of a second.” Here’s the key part:

“To achieve such rapid responses, researchers took inspiration from human learning methods of imitation, and trial and error. They used a technique called ‘programming by demonstration,’ in which the robot is not given specific instructions. Instead, researchers manually guided the arm to a catching position several times, until the robot learned to move into position itself.”

The designers, manufacturers, and programmers copied the way humans learned and transferred that model into their robotic arm. If it was necessary to design, build, and program a robotic arm, why wasn’t it necessary for the designers, builders, and programmers of the robotic arm to be designed, built, and programmed?

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