Proof Chuck Schumer’s Attack on Jeff Sessions was all About Putting Party Before Country

This morning Senate Minority leader, NY Senator Chuck Schumer called senator and current Attorney General Jeff Sessions for being literal and failing to tell a Senate panel that he met with the Russian ambassador twice in 2016.  And while the AG announced he would recuse himself from the investigation, it should be noted that Sen. Schumer’s demand was entirely political and a continuation of his campaign to de-legitimize the Trump administration.

Democrats such as Sen. Claire McCaskill and former Attorney General Lynch avoided the wrath of Sen. Schumer for similar violations as Sessions. And while McCaskell’s mistaken claim about not meeting the Russian ambassador may be considered minor, Lynch’s secret meeting with former president Clinton was serious.  When the Bubba/Lynch meeting was revealed, even before there was any investigation of the meeting, Sen Schumer said there was nothing to the meeting and that he believed Lynch–no call for recusal, resignation, or special prosecutor.

Thursday morning  (the same day Schumer called for AG Sessions to resign)  Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) tweeted her criticism of Jeff Sessions.


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As Howard Portnoy wrote at Liberty Unyielding 

If she was going to take to Twitter with her j’accuse, maybe McCaskill should have been more circumspect about her tweeting history. If she had glanced through her past tweets, she might have recalled posting this one in 2013:


And that’s not all, she tweeted this in 2015…

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