Project Veritas: San Francisco Union Protects Teachers Who Beat Kids

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas has done it again. Just a couple of weeks ago they unmasked the corruption within the New York City teachers unions, where officials worked hard to defend a man they suspected of sexually assaulting several of his students.

This video by exposes a San Francisco teachers union staff organizer admitting that he hit a student. Antonio Mankini of the San Francisco United Educators Union was caught on hidden-camera telling a journalist about his experience with hitting students–not just hitting kids, but making it look like an accident. Mankini also admits that teachers he knew had struck students but were still working.

Project Veritas sent two undercover reporters to the United Educators of San Francisco, one went in as a teacher who hit a kid, the other as the teacher’s friend who met Mankini because his friend the teacher felt guilty about hitting the kid.

Below are some highlights of the two meetings (supplied by Project Veritas)  and then the video:

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During the first meeting, Mankini told the journalist that the teacher shouldn’t worry about getting caught because “there’s no evidence.”

Were there any witnesses? Just keep it that way. Seriously. If there weren’t any witnesses, it’s your word against the kid’s. Kids f*cking lie. Seriously.

“But if there were no witnesses, then you have that den…

Read the rest of the story and watch the VIDEO at Jeff Dunetz’s blog The Lid

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