Project Veritas Releases ‘Part III’ of ‘Rigging the Election’ Undercover Video Series [VIDEO]

Ironically, the Democrats’ response to Project Veritas’s most recent undercover operation into the belly of the DNC beast has been to downplay it as “bar room talk.” That sounds an awful lot like Trump’s “locker room talk.” Democrats have been certain that Trump’s leaked audio and video from 2005 prove that he actually assaulted women. Trump maintains that it was just talk.

But now, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and all the other organizations that work for both, are in the spotlight for saying some pretty damning things about how they pay people – even mentally ill people – to incite violence at Trump rallies, and how they bus people in from other precincts and from out of state to vote. Democrats are claiming that it was all just “bar room talk.” In other words, this can’t be evidence of anything criminal. They’re just talking. And bragging. About things that they didn’t actually do.

And besides, everyone knows that Project Veritas and its founder James O’Keefe are frauds. I mean, he edits his videos, for crying out loud. So, everything that you see in his videos is false and/or misleading.

Never mind the fact that most interviews in national and local media outlets are heavily edited for the sake of brevity. And yes, also to mislead their viewers by ripping quotes out of context. (Anything for ratings, right?)

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When the media does it, it’s okay. Everyone knows it’s just what they do. When James O’Keefe does it, it’s “criminal.”

The thing is, his videos provide plenty of context to the point that there’s no question about what the targets are talking about. The truth of the matter is, whenever people in positions of power get caught on camera essentially incriminating themselves and spilling secrets, their first reaction is to cast blame on the person who exposed them. That’s what they’ve done with WikiLeaks, with the Planned Parenthood videos, and that’s what they’re doing with Project Veritas.

Without further ado, here’s Project Veritas’s latest video, Part III, released Monday afternoon:

Here are the first two, in case you haven’t seen them:

Surprisingly, CNN’s Anderson Cooper actually reported on Project Veritas’s videos, but Hillary’s surrogates tried to shrug them off as “bar room talk.”

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