Progressives Unite to Expel a Pro-Life Democrat from Congress

After losing massive power since 2010, Liberals are ganging up on a Pro-Life Democrat Representative.

Why is there such an effort among Democrats to get rid of a pro-life Democrat? Unlike other Democrats, Representative Dan Lipinski not only opposes abortion but also voted against the Affordable Care Act. Also unlike many of those other Democrats, Lipinski was reelected several times.

Democrats have been losing because they are too far to the Left. Yet, in the wake of the major loss of the Presidency and Congress, they are trying to make themselves more thoroughly Leftist.

Politico reports, “Progressives hunt down one of the last conservative Democrats.”

Powerful interests are lined up against him. Outside spending groups are forming to advocate his defeat. National political figures have endorsed his opponent.

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And that’s just within Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski’s own party.

Lipinski, one of the few remaining conservative Democrats in Congress, is under siege from the left, battling for his political life against progressives who are teaming up to replace him with a candidate far more in line with liberal orthodoxy.

That candidate, Marie Newman, a businesswoman and former marketing consultant, already has high-profile endorsements from feminist icon Gloria Steinem and New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand — an unusual show of opposition against a fellow Democratic congressional incumbent.

Newman has also received a rare joint endorsement from a handful of influential progressive groups: NARAL,, Democracy for America, Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Human Rights Campaign.

While Lipinski is accustomed to drawing primary challenges in his Chicago-based district, he’s never before been targeted with so much local and national firepower.


First elected in 2004, Lipinski is something of an exotic species: a Democrat who opposes abortion and has cast votes against both the Affordable Care Act and the DREAM Act, which sought to provide a pathway to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants.

He was the only Democrat to co-sponsor the First Amendment Defense Act, which protects those who refuse services to same sex couples, and the only Illinois Democrat to support drug testing those seeking unemployment benefits — a move that has at least some union leaders considering opposing his reelection.


Progressives long frustrated with Lipinski’s habit of siding with Republicans view the March 20 primary as the best chance they’ve had in years to unseat him.

Read the entire Politico story.

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