Progressives Rationalize Killing Conservatives; Here’s One Example

Liberals dream of killing conservatives; that’s why one liberal columnist writes of why Trump’s EPA chief deserves death.

Leftist writers are not shy about their interest in killing conservatives. Recently, it was reported that Donald Trump’s head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, was getting new security because of all the death threats he has received.

In response, a San Francisco writer explained that “God herself” was also threatening Pruitt, and that the death threats made a “warped sort of sense.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports, “San Francisco Columnist Writes Justification for Death Threats to Trump Cabinet Official.

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The article by Mark Morford, whose biography says he has been writing for the Chronicle and sister-site SF Gate since 1998 and is described on the site as “one of the Bay Area’s premier yoga instructors,” describes Pruitt as a “banally evil, milquetoast, science-denying government administrator” who has been receiving a “surprising-but-then-again-not-really number of death threats.”

“Scott Pruitt, the pallid, oily anti-environment corporate shill beloved by the least palatable humans in the corporate world, is getting a lot of death threats, up to five times more than any EPA head in history,” writes Morford…

“They are, perhaps, coming from environmental advocates, or teachers, or lovers of life and humanity and nature, or distraught mothers, worried that Pruitt’s actions will, quite correctly, endanger the lives of their children,” Morford writes. “They are, most likely, coming from God herself.”

Read the full Washington Free Beacon story.

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