Professors: Women Too Weak for STEM Courses

They claim that STEM courses are infested with “masculine STEM ideals,” like being an independent thinker, which hold back women.

These liberal professors writing about STEM courses sound much worse than the Google employee who got fired for claiming that not many women would want to work in coding. He said that women tend to have different interests. They sound like they are saying that women don’t have the capability to be independent thinkers or to ask questions. It is amazing that progressives will advocate such sexist ideas!

Campus Reform reports, “Profs blame ‘masculine’ ideals for lack of women in STEM.

Two professors believe that “masculine STEM ideals”—like “asking good questions” and “putting school first”—are to blame for the lack of women in math and science courses.

Laura Parson, a professor at Auburn University, and Casey Ozaki, who teaches education at the University of North Dakota, advanced the notion in an article published in the latest issue of the NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education, noting that women are not only “less likely to major in STEM fields” than are men, but those who do study science, technology, engineering, and math are less likely to graduate than their male classmates.

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Together, Parson and Ozaki interviewed eight female students majoring in math or physics to learn more about why women struggle in STEM. From their interviews, the professors learned that many women feel pressure to conform to so-called “masculine” norms.

According to the professors, these masculine norms include “asking good questions,” “capacity for abstract thought and rational thought processes,” “motivation,” the expectation that students would be “independent” thinkers, and a relatively low fear of failure.

“This requirement that the average student asks questions and speaks in class is based on the typical undergraduate man,” they contend.

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