Professors Ask Students to Drop the Course if They Don’t Agree on This Politically Correct Issue

As with so many other issues, the science of global warming and “climate change” has been replaced by the politics. If it really were about the science, college professors wouldn’t shut down debate over it. They wouldn’t tell their students to drop the course, just because the students might have questions about it. They wouldn’t completely ignore the “other side” of what they would call a “closed debate.”

But that’s just what these professors at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) did. The online course was taught by three professors, and it was entitled: “Medical Humanities in the Digital Age.”

Apparently, their first online lecture was on the impacts of manmade climate change. Following that class, several students wrote the professors expressing concern that if they didn’t agree with what was being presented to them about climate change, that they wouldn’t do well in the class.

The professors responded in a email addressing these concerns. It read, in part:

“The point of departure for this course is based on the scientific premise that human induced climate change is valid and occurring. We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the ‘other side’ of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this course.

“Opening up a debate that 98% of climate scientists unequivocally agree to be a non-debate would detract from the central concerns of environment and health addressed in this course. …

“… If you believe this premise to be an issue for you, we respectfully ask that you do not take this course, as there are options within the Humanities program for face to face this semester and online next.”

In addition, there was to be no discussion of the controversial and politically-charged issue of climate change in the student online forums. And the College Fix added that students who wanted to use outside sources on subject of climate change throughout the course, must use only those approved by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The course also teaches about the negative health effects of fracking. Curiously, they didn’t find the need to present the “other side” of that debate either.

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