Professor Rants About McCain and Those Wishing Him Well: ‘He’s a War Criminal’

San Diego State University professor Jonathan Graubart is causing some controversy after he want on a rant on social media.

Graubart became annoyed with people were were wishing Senator John McCain good health after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While he the thorn in our side, he is still a human and wish him good health as well.

Graubart went on to call McCain a, “war criminal.” He said, “I find myself annoyed at the groundswell of good wishes for John McCain after his diagnosis of glioblastoma and have been thinking through why.”

He continued, “McCain is a war criminal and, more to the point, someone who as a politician has championed horrifying actions and been lousy on state commitment to public health,” the professor said. “So dying or not, he’s a risible public figure (I have no idea what he is like on the personal level and don’t care).”

The professor wrapped up the post by saying,  “But ultimately what troubles me is the urge to send such well wishes to an utter stranger as it reinforces the notion that some lives are more important than others. There are lots of people with glioblastoma and who have died from it (including my mother 20 years ago).”

Ben Dillbeck, a student at SDSU, said that he was shocked by the professor’s words. Dillbeck stated, “I would never wish cancer upon my worst enemy and then to be annoyed by people just wishing you the best for having cancer, I just thought it was totally inappropriate.”

Graubart’s Facebook appears to have been deactivated since he posted the status.

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Fox News reports:

The station also interviewed former SDSU student Colby Tunick who read what the professor wrote while in Prague.

“I think I was a little disturbed, to be quite honest,” Tunick told the station, via Skype. “You may disagree with someone politically, morally, philosophically, but you don’t wish someone harm.”

He also said he wasn’t surprised about the post.

“He has told me that he thinks it’s his job as an academic to stir controversy and he normally does that through Facebook,” Tunick said.

But some people defended Graubart, saying he’s entitled to speak his mind. They described him as a man of integrity and intelligence.

The College Republicans of SDSU, a student group, posted a statement on social media Sunday condemning Graubart’s remarks.

“As an academic authority at SDSU, Dr. Graubart’s sickening lack of respect toward Senator McCain will not be tolerated by our organization and should not be tolerated by university administration,” the statement said.

It is discouraging to see the lack of empathy and respect for human life. I do not like Barack Obama but I would never wish death upon him.


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