Professor Explains how the Young Voters’ Attraction to Bernie Sanders Proves that the American Education System has Failed


David Deming is an arts and sciences professor at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, and he is not like the person most of us imagine when we think of the modern American professor. No, Professor Deming isn’t a fascist brown-shirt who wants to shut down free speech, thought and opinion on the campus. He’s not an outspoken socialist who seeks to ridicule and berate his conservative students into silence. He’s not a militant atheist who openly mocks and derides his Christian students. Professor Deming believes that the college classroom is place for debate and open-mindedness.

He recently risked his reputation and possibly his job to write an op-ed in his local newspaper bemoaning the possibility that an avowed socialist might be elected the next president of the United States. However, Professor Deming seemed even more upset that if Bernie Sanders were to win election to the Presidency it would be because of the overwhelming support he receives on college campuses across the country.

It’s disheartening that an avowed socialist is a viable candidate for president of the United States. Socialism is a dead end. For hundreds of years, it has failed everywhere it’s been adopted. The enthusiasm of our youth for the candidacy of Bernie Sanders is a symptom of our failure to educate them, not only in history, government and economics, but also basic morality.

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You don’t have to be a student of ancient history to know socialism doesn’t work. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 was an unequivocal demonstration of the moral and economic superiority of capitalism. The misery caused by socialism is unfolding today in Venezuela. Since Venezuela embraced socialism in 1999, poverty, crime and corruption have all increased. Grocery shelves are empty and the annual inflation rate is estimated to be as high as 200 percent.

The United States is a constitutional republic founded on political equality, not equality of income or circumstances. Our system of government was designed to secure the natural rights of its citizens. These rights include not only “life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” but the right to acquire and maintain private property. The Founding Fathers considered property rights to be sacred and

Socialism isn’t so much a legitimate economic system as it is a moral failing. It will always exist because ignorant people will always want something for nothing. If we want to retain our freedom and prosperity, then we must educate our children that the purpose of government is to secure liberty, not provide free lunches.


Read the Professor Deming’s entire op-ed at NewsOK

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