Prof Proposes ‘Individual Reparations Accounts’ for Whites to Pay for Centuries of Black Oppression

Professor Michael Eric Dyson was on The View the other day talking about his book Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon for White America. He and the show hosts discussed racism, white privilege, and how Trump is the nation’s first “toddler” president.

Trump, according to Dyson, stands in stark contrast to Obama, “who could read, write, and compute, and had literacy, and who read books, and who was informed at a high level, versus what we got right now – a guy who tweets out his own arrogance.”

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I figured it wouldn’t be long before Tucker Carlson got a hold of this guy for an interview. Apparently, in Dyson’s book, he suggests that white people, who want to do something to solve the white privilege issue, set up individual reparations accounts to compensate for centuries of oppression against blacks.

Dyson explained that white people can do all sorts of things such as buying kids computers, taking them to school, tutoring them. In response, Carlson said that while he’s all for charity, what he doesn’t believe in is “collective guilt.”

TUCKER CARLSON: What I don’t believe in is collective guilt. And that is why I’m confused by the phrase “white privilege.” 

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: Well, white privilege doesn’t suggest guilt, it suggests responsibility and accountability. The same accountability that America talks to about people pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, and addressing their situations, their communities, as being responsible for doing what they are doing. I don’t believe in collective guilt but I do believe in collective responsibility. 

CARLSON: Responsibility and guilt are synonyms in this case. Let’s be specific. Privilege. I’m privileged, and I wouldn’t deny that — and I am white — because I have a good-paying job. But you’re privileged too. We live near each other, nice neighborhood, you’re rich, you went to an Ivy League school, like me. And so, you are way more privileged than most white Americans. So why would they owe you something?

Watch the interview here:

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