Pro-Police Business Slammed: ‘Pig Supporters Not Welcome’

Sadly, we live in a world where you are demonized for supporting our president, our military, and our police officers. Never in my life would I have expected our country to come down to such disgusting traits.

Yet, here we are. 

A business owner in Missouri has been downright blasted and harassed when she hung a flag outside her antique store to show she backs the blue.


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Cherri Elder guest starred on “Fox and Friends” to share her story.

The owner of Elder’s Antiques in St. Louis was berated by people with hateful slurs such as, “Pig supporters not welcome. Flag goes down or you go down!” Which was written on a note stuck to her store window.

Fox News Insider reports:

She said people began expressing their disapproval of the flag on social media and in person. When the backlash became too “nasty,” she decided to take the flag down and assumed the controversy was over.

She said she and her family have left the flag down after the unknown individual or individuals’ attempt to “scare us,” but they stand resolute in their support of law enforcement.

Doocy asked if there are any plans to bring back the flag at Elder’s Antiques.

“I told my daughters we’re not going to change anything we do. If they want to put it up, put it up,” Elder said. “But just don’t put it up for spite or for any other reason than that we still support the police. That will not change.”

Good for her! I am so proud to know that there are people out there who have a backbone and will stand up for what they believe in, even if they appear to be standing alone.

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