Pro-Life Activists Attacked by Liberals

Which side of the political spectrum is violent and hateful? I know that we conservatives are often derided by the left as being hatemongers, or attacking people’s rights… but it’s just not so.

Time and time again we can show anecdotal evidence of peaceful conservative protesters being assaulted by leftist lunatics. But the same cannot be said the other way around, no matter how loudly Democrats lie about it.

Remember all of the “hateful things” the Tea Party was supposedly saying to black Democrat lawmakers? But when video evidence appeared that no such things happened, liberals simply dug their heels in and said… “we heard it.”

Conservatives are constantly attacked for hateful speech and actions, and the media feeds into this by wondering if every madman with a weapon is conservative before they ever gather any evidence. (Usually these theories are proved false – as in Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Nidal Hassan and so many more.) The truth is that we conservatives value freedom of speech and generally live by Voltaire’s famous quote, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

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How do Democrats feel about free speech?

They’re not big fans. From the liberal leaders in Congress trying to end free speech, to the average liberal on the street assaulting conservatives for speaking their beliefs, liberals HATE free speech.

And it’s happened again.

In Columbus, Ohio a young man protesting abortion was verbally and physically assaulted by an outraged liberal abortion cheerleader. Seth Drayer was leading peaceful abortion protesters in sharing their message in downtown Columbus when they were approached by an angry and seemingly maniacal liberal.

(Fair warning this video contains mature content and should be viewed at your own risk.)

“You’re just a white f***ing privileged racist f***ing male who doesn’t stand for women’s rights. No uterus, no right to talk about it. Understand, Mother f***er?”

Lifenews has more on the dangers of being a modern pro-life advocate.

Mark Harrington of the pro-life group Created Equal told LifeNews: “Violent attacks on pro-lifers are becoming more common. Pro-lifers need to be winsome and be willing to take verbal and physical abuse if necessary in order to remain faithful to our pledge to be non-violent.  We also should take precautions to reduce the likelihood of these attacks, be prepared to film them and prosecute the perpetrators (if necessary) to the fullest extent of the law.”

“We understand the risk we take each time we go into the marketplace of ideas with a message as counter-cultural as showing the victims of abortion.  However, despite the threat we will not shrink back from representing the victims,” he said.

“The video of the incident shows how it is imperative that those who are involved in public outreach need to have behavioral and safety training in place for handling these attacks,” the pro-life group Created Equal told LifeNews. “Please also pray for the perpetrator of the attack.  She is likely post-abortive and needs to come to repentance for the attack.”

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