Pro-Abortion Advocate Says I “Would’ve Died” for My Aborted Child’s “Right to Choose” just “Like She Died for Mine”

Abortion “rights” activists the world over are swooning over spoken word poet Leyla Josephine’s latest effort – her recollection of the time she murdered her baby. The liberal Huffington Post describes here as “unapologetic,” but we find her work oddly double-minded. She seems to rage against the idea that she should feel remorse while at the very same time using language that would seem to express hidden feelings of remorse!

I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed.

I am so sick of keeping these words contained.

I am not ashamed.

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endabortionThe bark causing my thoughts, my heart to harden.

I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed.

It’s a hollowness, that feels full, a numbness that feels heavy.

stop trying to fit how this feels on an NHS bereavement brochure already.

I am allowed to feel it all, I am allowed to feel.

Then comes the most confusing/enraging part of her “poem.”

I would’ve supported her right to choose – to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine.

Except that’s not what happened at all. Her baby was murdered. The child had no choice in the matter – she didn’t die for her mother’s right to choose, but was murdered because her MOTHER was afraid to be uncomfortable.

How sad humanity has become when we can justify the murder of innocent and helpless children for the sake of our comfort.


When the liberals and the feminists and the baby murder defenders try and tell you that abortion is a completely normal, rational and useful exercise that can be wholly devoid of emotion… don’t believe their lies. The day that abortion becomes an emotionless topic is the day that this world is no longer worth living in.

Go back and listen to this poem again. Go and read the lyrics.

Ms. Josephine has no illusions about what she’s done – she knows that she has killed a person. She knows it with every ounce of who she is and yet she fights against that knowledge because accepting what she’s really done would mean that she is a monster, a murderer – a violent destroyer of life.

Let me quote more of her verse.

Don’t you mutter murder on me.

70,000 per year. 70,000 per year. 70,000 per year.


Thats’s 192 per day.

from coat hangers, painkillers, the back alley way way.

Don’t you mutter murder on me.

Worldwide performing abortion like homework,

this is my body. this is my body. this is my body.

I don’t care about your ignorant views

when I become a mother, it will be when i choose.

It’s odd but I thought the liberalization of our sexual mores was all about “choosing.” There is a definite connection between choosing to have open sexual relations with one or more partners AND BECOMING A MOTHER or FATHER. Sadly, our culture has missed that connection.

aboriton killsLet me say to Ms. Josephine and any other woman who has had an abortion (and the men who’ve funded, facilitated or forced them) – what you’ve done is commit murder. But our nation, and many other Western nations won’t prosecute you for it. You’ve nothing to fear from human justice, but there is a greater justice than what the hands of man can bring.

There is still time to repent and be forgiven. You can find healing, forgiveness and even fellowship in this life. Those who you’ve stood against can even be called your friends – all it takes is repentance.

Abortion is murder, but you can find forgiveness.

Ben Johnson at LifesiteNews has some excellent points in his great piece about this subject too.

First of all, her daughter did not die for the “right to choose.” Her daughter was not sacrificed for the inalienable “good” of keeping abortion-on-demand legal (and, in the UK, taxpayer-subsidized). Politicians are bribed to maintain it; no baby needs to die for it. Josephine’s child died because HuffPo’s hero of the moment chose not to carry the baby to term and place him/her in the hands of loving adoptive parents who would have cherished her baby – whether it was actually male, female, or intersex.

Josephine describes the emotions that actually led to the abortion only metaphorically – e.g., she compares the abortion to chopping down a cherry tree – but that angst is the root (so to speak) of the abortion, not the great and grand cause of assuring that other women have the right to go through the same soul-crushing grief.

That intimation that her daughter died for “choice” – that she offered her baby as a living sacrifice on the altar of abortion – confirms the darkest rhetoric of the pro-life movement: That for some in the movement, abortion is sometimes regarded as an idol.

And that raises one other, more universally held question: What kind of parent asks his son or daughter to die for the “right” to abortion? Parents are supposed to be the one who sacrificially care for their children, who forsake their own comfort, who do whatever is necessary – even die – to keep their children safe, healthy, and well.

Read the rest of his great piece here.

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